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Six Key Website Planning Questions. Understand that hard work at the research and planning stage of site development makes EVERYTHING that follows more effective and efficient. The six questions push for critical answers. [ READ ON ]

Why Isn't My Website Working? A big question with a lot of possible answers. Websites are complex marketing vehicles with a lot of parts that have to work together. And know this: a website—your website, any website—isn't magic. Customers don't come just because you built it. They won't buy just because they came. You've got to work harder and smarter than that. [ READ ON ]

Sing It, Brother! People read your stuff because they're interested, not because it's short. Those who eye your headline and subheads and decide they aren't interested in what follows will bail out then and there. A string of bullet points isn't going to ensure interested reading. [ READ ON ]

Trust, Inc. Prospects looking for goods and services expect to be treated honestly and professionally...and they begin looking for those trust-vibes in your corporate communications. Make sure the words and images are telling the truth. [ READ ON ]

Dealing with Bad Reviews. Someone gave you a bad review online. What can you do? Bury it. Not with denials or justifications—that just spreads the stink—but beneath bushels of good reviews. Launch a positive offensive. [ READ ON ]

Backups, Backup Plans and Fire Supression. One thing you can count on when flying your money-mining webship through cyberspace: problems. Technological problems. Functionality problems. Support service problems. Hacker problems. Snipper problems. It really is the wild-end of the last frontier out there. And you’ve got to be prepared with backups and problem-scenerio plans. [ READ ON ]

Is that a Logo or an Illustration? The job of a logo in the marketplace is a tough one. It's out there on the front lines, doing the heavy lifting for the company's branding efforts, tirelessly pushing to imprint itself into the minds-eye of consumer and client. But to be able to do that job, a logo needs a carefully-crafted versatility, something a inherently complex illustration can rarely provide. [ READ ON ]

Elements of a Strong Logo. The company logo is the graphical face of a business. A recognizable touchstone. Here are the four foundation stones for a strong logo. [ READ ON ]

The Typewriter is Extinct. Learn to Typeset Like a Pro. Too many typewriter conventions—conventions dictated by the limitations of the typewriting machinery—are still being practiced, making the typeset page poorer for it. Here are four of the most common typing conventions and holdovers that need weeded out to make your corporate communications more streamlined and professional. [ READ ON ]

Good With Type. You know better, right? You don't choose a fancy script face and then set in all caps. You don't taffy-pull the headline type just because the software lets you. Or maybe you don't know better, and wish you did. Read on. [ READ ON ]

Crawl Out From Under Those Rules of Thumb. We love those rules of thumb; buy into 'em by the case lot. It's not hard to understand why...they make our too-complicated lives seem easier: rule of thumb says so. Good enough. Stop thinking. They're short, they're sweet, the wisdom validated by the horde who abide their direction. The problem with anointing rules of thumb and conventional wisdom as the de facto right answer is that it's rarely that simple, especially in business communications. [ READ ON ]

Need a Book Cover? Some things to Consider. If you find yourself in control of your book cover (usually because the publisher isn't paying for it, you are), there are a number of critical factors to understand and implement if you want that cover to effectively do the huge job it must: sell your book. [ READ ON ]

Care and Feeding Your Inner Creative Beast. Let me tell you, successful creatives types—massively gifted or not—are always feeding their (inner) creative beast. They develop and grow it to the point that they generate great ideas for any occasion. [ READ ON ]

How to Mine a How-to Book. A simple read-through rarely gains the full value of the wisdom between the covers [of a how-to book], for it is the very process of refining and handling the information that makes it sticky and useful. The more we handle information, the more memorable and applicable it becomes; the easier it is to bend and shape to our particular needs. [ READ ON ]



Graphic Design Resources. Online sources of information and tools. [ DOWNLOAD PDF ]

The Marketing Slogan as Mission Statement. A clear, powerful marketing statement that kicks tail in the marketplace can do duty as a mission statement. [ DOWNLOAD PDF ]

Typesetting Tips. A collection of Dos and Don'ts for typesetting a nice page. [ DOWNLOAD PDF ]

Typesetting Special Characters Tipsheet. A listing of key-combinations for those special characters like TM, ®, Em dashes, currency and mathematical symbols, fractions, and so on.[ DOWNLOAD PDF ]

Converting Fractions to Decimals Tipsheet.DOWNLOAD PDF ]

Sample Set of Various Type Faces. [ DOWNLOAD PDF ]

Web Site File Structure Guide. How to set up a the base file structure and folder hierarchy when constructing a website. [ DOWNLOAD PDF ]

Tipsheet for Using the CSS Reset Technique. [ DOWNLOAD PDF ]

CSS Specificity Tipsheet.DOWNLOAD PDF ]

Key Information Log for your Web Site. What critical information to collect and have quickly avaiable about your website. [ DOWNLOAD PDF ]

Local Internet Marketing. A summary of the key points of a webinar given for ISU's Workforce Training. [ DOWNLOAD PDF ]


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