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Trust, Inc.

by Michael Waite, Bonefrog Creative

If you charge into the marketplace screaming Trust Me! and Quality First! as you wave your goods and services banner over your head, people will simply run the other way. We're a jaded bunch, we consumers...and bold claims to top-of-the-line quality and impeccable integrity tend to make us think the exact opposite.

Trust is vital to business relationships of any kind, but it can't be bought with a slogan on a business card or type in an ad. Trust, of course, is earned with consistent professionalism. And that professionalism is projected through image. Imagery like:

• Employee appearance and attitude. Do they look the part and talk the talk? Do they inspire confidence?

• Business property. Does your place look cared-for and earnestly legitimate? Prosperous? The same questions apply to your signage.

• Equipment and store fixtures. Well maintained and clean? Up to the task and efficient?

• Business communications and graphical images. Is your marketing message clear, consistent, and relevant? Are your brochures, forms, ads, packaging, and website a true indicator to what's like to do business with you, or do they make you look like a corner-cutter and a cheapskate? Do they say "here to stay" or "fly by night?"

Prospects looking for goods and services expect to be treated honestly and professionally...and they begin looking for those trust-vibes in your corporate communications. Make sure the words and images are telling the truth.
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